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Makeshift light box. (Almost burnt my pinky a few times :/ )


this is my linen closet, *shows you some towels*
and this is my lenin closet *shows you communist propaganda*


shout out to water for keeping my throat sufficiently lubricated for optimal yodeling techniques

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I’m going to be a lazy, starving artist. Aren’t I?

Spoiled though I am, I do miss the tacky white plastic. 

Also: has anyone noticed that the warranty expires after three years and the computer has a life of about three years?
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In case you were wondering those dots are really crudely drawn moon phases.






So this is what trust looks like.

Funny, my first thought was “So this is what the patriarchy looks like.”

Yup. This is how women are supposed to trust men. With their lives.

Woman : “Hey, can we just… Drop the bow?”Man : “WHY DON’T YOU TRUST ME I’M NOT A VIOLENT GUY, YOU ARE INSULTING ME THINKING I WILL HURT YOU!!!”Woman : “No it’s just… Well I’m afraid.”Man : “But why? Look at me, I’m not afraid. And we’re equal, look, we pull the bow together.”Woman : “I think we’re not equal, you can kill me with the arrow and I can’t.”Man : “What? So you would like to be able to kill me? You’re so agressive!”Woman : “That’s not what I mean, we were talking about equality : you can hurt me, I can’t.”Man : “Of course you can. You can hit me with the bow if you want.”Woman : “That’s not the same thing, it will never kill you.”Man : “Oh, you always complaining, stop victimising yourself! Do I talk about the difficulty of holding the arrow? Of the responsibility it gives to me?”[…]Etc, etc.Every debates about gender equality, ladies and gentleman.

This is the first time something I’ve reblogged with a comment has come back around to me after having a bunch added to it. 
I think it’s fantastic that my little thought was expanded upon so fully. I was also thinking, as I reblogged initially, how we often forget that all members of society are complicit in sexism. Most women happily hold the bow while the arrow points straight at their chests. If they did not, the tension and the danger would vanish…but so would the bonds between them and everything they’ve ever known. The structure of their universe would dissolve. Questioning culture is a very difficult thing to do.

Uh no. Nooooooooooooo. No.
You seem to confuse internalised misogyny with victim blaming.
Internalised misogyny: A woman who believes herself and every other woman to be inferior to men as a result of years of oppression by the patriarchy. (This is usually subconscious.)
Victim blaming: Insinuating that an individual is responsible for their own oppression.
Women do not “happily” participate and perpetuate sexism because they are afraid of the “unknown”. They are consciously or unconsciously afraid of the harassment, verbal or physical abuse of men.
(I don’t want to be cisexist, but for arguments’ sake we’ll consider the two people as woman and man.)
Were she to let go of the bow, the man still holds the arrow. Patriarchy doesn’t disappear when women stop obeying men, because no matter what women do, men hold power and privilege over them. They hold the power and societal status that allows them to publicly mock them, harass them, verbally and physically abuse them, take away their rights and overall deny them proper respect as a human being without consequence. I honestly think the allegory would be more efficient if the woman were leaning against the edge of a cliff while the man were standing on solid ground because that would truly illustrate the reality of systemic oppression. But waddaya gunna do.
Many members of society are complicit in sexism but none more so than men who actually hold the power to take away the humanity of women. Men are never told to bend over backwards and literally make themselves smaller for the slight inconveniences and delicate egos of their oppressors, they are never told they are too weak or too simple-minded to do anything other than serving others and they are never told that their own murder is their fault.
I don’t know your gender friend, but if you really are willing to end the patriarchy you should place the blame on men, not women.
Dear white cis men, please refrain from lecturing women on how they should stop oppressing themselves and think about the lectures women should be giving you on how you should stop oppressing them.
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