Hi. I'm Lily. Hobbies include: cartoons, nose-picking and battling the kyriarchy. In that order.





3AM productivity is a curse
I daydream about a stained glass house a lot

Mead drinks mead. 

You have achieved your lifelong purpose in this world.Congrats. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉ლ)
I’m just staring at my unproductive hands really sadly +




papineau replied to your post:How much do I love raisins ? A lot

i really didn’t expect this. what are yr feelings about grapes?

I luv them Both equally + wholeheartedly. One time I Was eating a box of raisins and I was thinking about how much it was like a small cramped + underfunded…

Amer this is beautiful I’m gunna draw a picture of it

Isn’t it, lily?! Like damn. Pls send me that piece as you as you eventually complete it.

Will do, buddy. The book I’m reading has to do w old people being badasses so this feels relevant. Badass senior raisins making the whippersnapper grapes look bad.